It is a pistachio that has been picked exactly at the time of harvest. The color of this type of pistachio is different from the green kernel. Also, the mantle of this pistachio variety has less protein and more fat.

This type of kernel is mostly obtained by breaking the closed-shell pistachios. These kernels differ from each other based on the region they are grown, how they are harvested, and how they are stored. Depending on customer’s demands, this product can be obtained through breaking the different types of closed-shell pistachios including Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Jumbo, Fandoghi and so on.

As a normal pistachio kernel wholesale supplier, Kimia Nuts Company supplies high-quality normal pistachio kernel in compliance with international standards. Our company helps maintain the freshness and quality of pistachios by using appropriate equipment for packaging and providing high-quality pistachios. This normal pistachio kernel company supplies this product in different weights or in bulk. As one of the largest pistachio exporters, Kimia Nuts Company guarantees the packaging quality of this product. For any inquiries regarding this product, simply pick up the phone and contact us.

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